The Angband Code: Character


A variant you play

Vanilla Angband
Angband64 Bangband Cat-and-the-hack Angband
Cthulhu Angband Discband Dragon Angband
Easy Angband EyAngband Fangband
Goingband GSNband Gumband
GW-Angband Kamband KAngband
Multiplayer Angband Opinion Angband Programmable Angband
Pern Angband Pern MAngband Psionic Angband
Qangband Realistic Angband Skill Angband
SBF Angband Utumno Ying-Yangband
Zelazny Angband Zce Angband
Other Angband variant

The type of game that the code refers to

Win - latest or best win
Current game
Most fun game
Game where you got the deepest, or the higest level. For use if you haven't actually won yet as an alternative
Silliest, saddest, most stupid or most spectacular death (optionally include cause of death)

The character is a Borg
The game is in Wizard mode
The character has been restored from a backup savefile
The character has one or mode 'cheat' options set

It's an 'ironman' game. Append any of the following which apply:
No shopping before entering the dungeon
No return to town
No going up at all
Take the first "down" staircase seen
No artifacts allowed

Name of the character

Race of your character

Human Elf Half-Elf
Dwarf Gnome Hobbit
Half-Orc Half-Troll Dunadain / Amberite
High Elf Barbarian Beastman
Cyclop Dark-Elf Death Mold
Draconian / Dragon / DragonRider Ent Golem
Half-Gaint Half-Orc Half-Titan
Imp Klackon Kobold
Mindflayer Maia Munchkin
Nibelung Rohan Knight Shadow Fairy
Skeleton Spectre Sprite
Vampire Yeek Zombie
Other race

Class of your character

Warrior Mage Priest
Rogue Ranger Paladin
Alchemist Archer Assasin
Beastmaster Chaos Warrior Druid
Elementalist Harper High Mage
Illusionist Mimic Mindcrafter
Monk Necromancer Prior
Possesor Power Mage Psionicist
Runecrafter Sorceror Symbiant
Warrior Mage Wizard
Othrer class
If the character is a mage-type character in a variant which uses "realms" of magic, include the realms used from the following list:
Arcane Trump Life
Sorcery Death Chaos
Or for a PernBand-like variant:
Magery Nether Valarin
Shadow Tribal Sigaldry
Crusade Illusion
Other kind of magic

The current player level of your character
Include the deepest dungeon level that your character has dived to here. Can either be in levels (eg 10) or in feet by appending a '. (eg 500')


I've got everything I could possibly want. Bladeturner, Feanor, Fingolfin, Ringil, Stormbringer, Groo, the One Ring, you name it, I've got it.
I'm pretty well kitted out: I've got enough artifact armours to be able to pick and choose and I've got a healthy selection of weapons to choose from.
I've got a few artifacts stored at home and am carrying round four or five. I've got one really nice artifact but am still waiting for a couple more goodies before diving.
I've got one or two artifacts with me and have found all of the useless daggers. Nothing really good, though.
The only artifacts I've found are the Phial and Nimthanc.
The only artifacts I've found are the Phial and Beruthiel.
I haven't found any artifacts yet.
I haven't found any artifacts yet and I'm at 2500'.
Artifacts are for wimps. I'm trying to win with an unenchanted whip.


I'm resistant to everything and immune to fire, cold, lightning, and acid. I scummed for the resist time mutation in Zangband, just to complete the set.
I'm resistant to everything. Where's Morgoth?
I'm pretty well covered, although I have to swap my armour round when a big nether breather appears.
I've got all the low and quite a few of the high resistances covered, but I run in fear from drolems.
I've got all the lows covered and am not really deep enough to worry about the others.
I have to swap shields when fire hounds hove into view.
I still haven't got free action or see invisible.
All my armour is standard stuff from the shop and I'm wielding a normal whip.
I'm trying to win naked.


I've got a RoS(+57).
When hasted up, I'm faster than anything I've ever met.
I've got a speed item or two, but unfortunately there's no chance of my using the pillar trick on Tiamat.
I've found one ring of speed, but it was only (+1).
I've found forty-seven rings of speed and all of them were cursed.
I've got strength 3 and am usually at speed -15 just from carrying my spellbooks around.
I have yet to see a single speed item.
How do I get these Boots of Pitiless Torment off my feet?

The weapon wielded by the character in question. If two or more weapons are alternated, put the most frequently wielded one.