The Angband Code: Playing style


A variant you play:

Vanilla Angband
Angband64 Bangband Cat-and-the-hack Angband
Cthulhu Angband Discband Dragon Angband
Easy Angband EyAngband Fangband
Goingband GSNband Gumband
GW-Angband Kamband KAngband
Multiplayer Angband Opinion Angband Programmable Angband
Pern Angband Pern MAngband Psionic Angband
Qangband Realistic Angband Skill Angband
SBF Angband Utumno Ying-Yangband
Zelazny Angband Zce Angband
Other variant

Your type of machine:

ACORN Amiga Atari
DOS (386 or higher) DOS (286) Linux
Mac (68000) Mac (PPC) OS/2
*bandTk for Windows Unix(-esque, not Linux) VMS


I love haggling, and go and buy things I don't need simply for the joy of it.
I think haggling adds something to the game and so leave it on.
I used to turn haggling on for buying good items to get around the 10% 'sales tax' until Ben closed this loophole.
I find haggling boring and leave it turned off.
I turn on haggling simply to get myself kicked out of shops.


I play with all of the monster intelligence options turned on, let monsters exploit my weaknesses and wear an amulet of Aggravate Monster just to make the game harder.
I play with the 'monsters chase' and 'monsters learn from mistakes' options on. Otherwise the monsters are just too stupid.
I turned off all of the monster intelligence options because it made the game much too tough. Keldon Jones' AI patch? I laugh in its face. Who wants the game to be harder?
I kill all of the big uniques by trapping them around a corner and fireballing them to death, whilst GoI invulnerable.
How do you get to the options screens?
I think the monster intelligence options are plain silly, and anyway half of them don't work.


I've got Narya and have just killed my 1000'th Great Hell Wyrm. I wish you could clone Tiamat.
I'll clone wyrms if I get the chance since I really need a couple more artifacts before I take on the big M.
I'll clone a wyrm or two if the opportunity comes along but only if I'm sure I can take a couple of breath attacks.
I cloned a few Creeping Coin piles earlier, but cloning wyrms is too dangerous and also takes all the fun out of searching for good items.
I destroy wands of clone monster on sight.
I've hacked the code to remove wands of clone monster entirely.
Why on earth would anyone want more monsters?


I worm farm to level 50 at 50'.
When I see some breeders I engage the Borg and come back an hour later.
I use worms to get me past the tricky levels. I've killed over a thousand white worms.
I'll happily hack away at breeders for a bit, but it gets kinda boring after a while.
I kill breeders as quickly and efficiently as possible. I'm carrying 7 wands of stinking cloud just in case.
I'm wielding Calris and the entire level is full of Hummerhorns.
I genocide 'w' and 'I' every 50 turns.
Hey! Where are all those monsters coming from?

Pits and vaults

I clean out every pit and vault I come across. I've got an AC of 3 due to all those jelly pits, and most characters I run end up being slaughtered in a greater vault.
I keep dying trying to Dispel Evil undead pits.
I'll take on any monster pit that I think will be worth the effort, and every vault gets carefully looted.
I avoid jelly and undead pits like the plague, but will happily chew through any other pit or nest I come across.
Monster pits tend to be too hard to bother with, and the one time I opened a chequerboard vault I got breathed on by Azriel and died.
I scum for 'boring' levels.
I've never been below 100'.


I empty and recharge every staff of Summoning until it explodes. I wish you could get Rods of Summoning...
I like standing in large rooms with Greater Draconic Quylthulgs and seeing what shows up.
I'll use up staves of Summoning if I find them, but they're not worth recharging. I fight summoning monsters on staircases if I can.
I ignore staves and scrolls of summoning, and dig holes to prevent monsters from summoning near me.
I haven't got see invisible. Where is that $^*$%" Quylthulg, anyway?
Summoned monsters should give no experience or treasure.
I just got mashed by a baby blue dragon at 50'. Maybe I should have identified that scroll first?

Trump Tower

I teleported to level 98 as soon as possible and snagged Vorpal Blade.
I use the Trump Tower to get past any random quest that bothers me in the least.
I occasionally use the Trump Tower to overcome a hard quest.
I think the Trump Tower has some legitimate uses, but going past random quests is not one of them.
The Trump Tower is just one big opportunity for cheating. I shun it like the plague.
How do you do a random quest for 42 GWoP?
I don't play those versions with the Trump Tower, so am blissfully unaware of the abuse opportunities it affords.


I'm at 4950' and I'm level 13.
I never bother waiting for poison resistance at 2000'.
I skip the region from 1000-1500' since the difficulty doesn't increase that much and you avoid all those pesky Hounds.
I usually explore levels fairly completely before proceeding down.
I always map and explore levels four or five times before venturing lower.
I'm at 50' and I'm level 13.
I'm level 1 and killing Aimless Merchants until I can afford that RoS(+30) in the Black Market.

Preserve Mode

On - always. Who wants to lose artifacts to a trap door?
Usually on, although I've been known to leave it off when playing Oangband - it makes things more interesting.
It depends. I have no fixed setting, but turn it on and off as I fancy when rolling up a character.
Off. It's far more exciting to be wondering about potential artifacts on a 'special' level. It's very dangerous, but should I leave the level and risk losing an artifact?

Maximise Mode

On - I have designs on winning this game, after all.
It changes according to my whim.
Off - I have trouble getting characters started, otherwise.
What's Maximise mode? A fancy way of getting visibly heightened muscle growth within seven days or my money back? (Not suitable for those who are pregnant or under 13)